Whole House Remodeling

Why stop at just one room? Your whole house can reflect who you are!

Imagine a home that seamlessly blends modern functionality with timeless charm, where each room reflects your evolving needs and style.

Our comprehensive approach transforms your entire living space into a harmonious masterpiece. From open-concept layouts that foster connectivity to updated fixtures that enhance energy efficiency, every inch of your home is carefully curated to elevate comfort, aesthetics, and functionality.

Experience the joy of living in a thoughtfully remodeled home that caters to your lifestyle, providing a sanctuary for you and your family.

Investing in your home

The high cost of housing make whole house remodeling a quality investment. Whether you are looking to remodel the home you’ve been in for years or improve the “fixer-upper” you just bought, Northwest Remodeling can help!

Let us team create an environment in your home that will last a lifetime.

Our whole house remodeling frequently includes:

  • Updated kitchen
  • Efficient and beautiful cabinets and countertops
  • New flooring
  • Fresh painting throughout the house
  • Oak tread stairs with ornate spindles
  • Door replacement and trim hardware upgrades
  • Light fixture upgrades
  • Stunning recessed lighting
  • Outlet and electrical updates

Let us turn your whole house into a stylish haven

Whole house redecorating offers a range of benefits that extend beyond just enhancing the visual appeal of your space. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home’s ambiance or completely transform its look, this comprehensive approach brings a multitude of advantages to your living experience.

Harmonious Style

A cohesive design theme that flows seamlessly throughout your entire home creates a sense of unity and balance. Whole house redecorating ensures that each room complements the next, creating a harmonious environment that feels connected and inviting.

Improved Functionality

As you redecorate your entire home, you have the opportunity to reevaluate the layout and functionality of each space. You can enhance the functionality of your rooms, making daily tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

Personalized Spaces

Whole house redecorating allows you to express your personality and taste across every inch of your home. From color schemes to furniture choices, you have the freedom to infuse your individual style into each room, creating a living space that truly resonates with you.

Value Addition

Redecorating your entire house adds significant value to your property. Prospective buyers are often drawn to homes with a consistent, updated, and appealing aesthetic.

Upgrade Opportunity

Whole house redecorating provides an opportunity to incorporate modern technologies, energy-efficient features, and sustainable materials into your home.

Elevated Well-being

The ambiance of your living space has a direct impact on your mood and overall well-being. A well-designed and coordinated interior can foster a positive atmosphere, promote relaxation, and contribute to a more pleasant living experience.

Your home can be your palace, just like our other clients

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We have the details covered!

At Northwest Remodeling, we have every construction detail meticulously covered.

Superior Door Construction

Our preferred vendor is J&K’s because their cabinets and vanities are superior constructed with 100% solid wood and proudly come with these standard features:

  • Door Panel: 3/4”-thick solid wood; full overlay door.
  • Door Hinge: 6-way adjustable; soft-close metal; hidden Euro-style.
  • Adjustable Shelf: 5/8”-thick cabinet-grade plywood; clear coat finish on all sides and edges; with metal shelf rests.
  • Drawer: 1/2”-thick solid wood on all sides; full extension pull-out; dovetail construction.
  • Drawer Glide: full extension pull-out; soft-close metal; concealed under-mount.
  • Plywood Box: 1/2” to 5/8”-thick cabinet-grade plywood; clear coat finish on interior sides; matching color finish on exterior sides.
  • Metal Bracket: corner bracket reinforcements in base cabinets for maximum stability.
  • Door Bumper: promote quiet-closing and reduce slamming for maximum durability.
  • NOTE: As we continue to improve our product qualities and designs, the actual functionality of Door Hinge and Drawer Glide may vary slightly between existing and newest product styles and finishes. Please check with your local J&K Cabinetry showroom or dealer for most current updates

The Finest Furniture Finishes

  • The finest solid maple wood is sanded until smooth and vacuumed.
  • An equalizer stain is applied to balance the base color of the wood.
  • A toner is applied to establish color uniformity.
  • A deep penetrating stain is applied to reveal the hidden beauty of the natural grain.
  • All stained surfaces are hand-rubbed and wiped of excess stain, and then slowly air-dried.
  • A wood sealer is applied, penetrating all exposed wood surfaces for uniform protection.
  • All surfaces are hand-sanded, providing a smooth, consistent surface.
  • A glaze is applied by hand (if applicable).
  • A color consistency examination is performed with additional touch-up if needed.
  • A final protective top coat is applied, maximizing resistance to scuffing, moisture, fading and most household chemicals.

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