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There is nothing better than having a beautiful finished basement in your home to build memories in. We can help you transform your basement into a common space that everyone in the family uses, or transform it into an inviting space for you to entertain or host gatherings. From wet bars, guest rooms, play area or even a fitness room in your basement, the possibilities are endless.

Our team at Northwest Remodeling & Services will help you custom design your basement. Whether it’s adding a wine cellar, custom T.V built ins, or updating your laundry room, we can help in every step of the way. With over 17 years in experience, we can offer ideas if you are unsure of the design you want, or if you are in the beginning stages of planning.

Basement Living Rooms

Living rooms can be used like a living room, meaning it can fit couches, comfy chairs, and a television that people can gather around to build memories in.  

  • Open floor plan layouts
  • Accent walls
  • Transition
  • Multiple seating options

Basement Bedrooms and Office Spaces

You are running out of space in your home, it may be time to take a peek into the basement potential. Odds are, this typically unused space isn’t living up to its capacity. It could be transformed into an additional bedroom or office space.

  • Build bigger bedrooms
  • Basement bedrooms add value to your home
  • Increase your living space without having a new construction
  • Privacy for the rest of the house
extra bathroom with shower in the basement

Basement Bathrooms

A bathroom in your basement is convenient, for you, your family, friends and specially if you have guest from out of town.If you have a bedroom in your basement your guests will appreciate having their own privacy without intruding on your bathroom upstairs

  • Convenient
  • Basement bathroom boost your home value
  • Appealing for future potential buyers
  • Stand out from similar house on the area
basement wet and dry bar

Wet and Dry Bar

Adding a bar in a basement can be an excellent entertainment space. Additionally, basements that maintain a comfortably cold atmosphere can help maintain the flavor and kick of different drinks

  • Additional Entertainment Space for guest and family
  • Keep drinks cold
  • Keep upstairs kitchen clean
  • More food storage space
basement recreational room

Basement Recreational Room Ideas

A basement recreational room is an ideal space for entertaining family and friends. Gaming and entertainment spaces, gyms and playrooms are the  among the top wish list of our clients in recreational rooms 

  • Multipurpose Space
  • Perfect as an Emergency Shelter
  • Adds value to your home
  • Appealing for future home buyers

There are several factors to remember when finishing a basement

Increase energy efficiency

  • Well insulated basement involves adding insulation to the walls, floor and ceiling as well as additional drywall, sheet rock and flooring.
  • There are several advantages to having dampers professionally installed in an HVAC system. Besides providing consistent air circulation in order to maintain a healthy environment and keep humidity levels, dampers also offer climate control so that residents can remain at comfortable temperatures no matter what the conditions may be like outside. Another major benefit of dampers is the decrease in wasted energy being sent to unoccupied rooms and subsequent reduction in energy costs.

Add value to your home

  • You may not have your home on the market right now, but that day may come in the future. Potential buyers will be more attracted to a house with a finished basement, which can serve as a second living space to do exercises, get together with friends and family and finished entertainment areas. In the end, remodeling your basement could pay off in the end.

Modernize Your Space

  • Investing in a quality remodel basement is a great way to provide yourself with the opportunity you need to transform your finished space into something new and exciting that you and your family will adore.

Basement finishing with high-quality products can help keep your house better organized. Once you’ve found the perfect basement finishing style for your home, you will be able to enjoy a large part of the house you may have thought was just for storage

Your Basement Can Become a Stunning Santuary

Our Most Popular Basement Designs

Open Layout

Framing-Electrical-Insulation- gypsum board-Taping and sanding-Painting-Flooring

Open Layout +Bathroom +Bedroom

Framing-Electrical-Plumbing Insulation- gypsum board-Taping and sanding-Painting-Flooring

Open Layout +Bathroom +Bedroom +Wet bar + Laundry Room

Framing-Electrical-Plumbing-Insulation- Gypsum board-Taping and sanding-Wet bar cabinetry-Quartz or Granite counter tops Painting-Flooring

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